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The ZIWA RHINO SANCTUARY is 7000 hectares in size, with over 20 mammal species and 300 bird species.  The compound is monitored by 80 Rangers, 24/7A and has been set up primarily to preserve the Ugandan Rhino population.  This sanctuary is privately owned but run by the Rhino Fund Uganda, under licence.  The Sanctuary was established in 2005 and it has proven successful as the population of many species has increased.

The main activity at Ziwa is Rhino Trekking.  With the assistance of a park Ranger, you can follow the Rhino on foot and watch them in their daily activities.  This is a most unique opportunity.   Another popular activity is the 6 am Shoebill Canoe safari.  This also allows visitors to see the variety of water birds on the Lugogo Swamp area of the Sanctuary.    In addition Birding is very popular here and there are many walking trails, guided of course, throughout the Sanctuary.

The Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is available as a pit stop en route to other destinations; being well situated just off the Gulu Road near Nakasangero.  Many visitors stay for a day or two and accommodation within the Sanctuary boundaries is available.  There is a full service safari lodge, as well as a guesthouse complete with camping facilities for the more adventurous.  There is a swimming pool for guests at the lodge.

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