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SAFARI DRIVE UGANDA (Uganda care hire services) was established to plug the gap in the Ugandan tourist industry by providing a unique opportunity for adventurers to explore our beautiful country by driving themselves; on a much smaller budget, and with the focus on what is of most interest. SAFARI DRIVE UGANDA’s experienced staff in Uganda car hire services, who have spent years helping travelers visit Uganda’s 10 National Parks and other destinations with a pre-determined package. For many this was too expensive, too restricted and in some cases just totally inaccessible. Others would select the best available option and accompany a group that was very mixed in their individual interests….for most adventurers, these traditional safaris were a compromise, at best .

Uganda car hire serviceOur analysis of the situation, coupled with discussions with past and present clients, led us to develop this remarkably flexible, efficient and more affordable alternative. SAFARI DRIVE UGANDA gives you a self-drive Safari Vehicle, fully equipped with good quality camping equipment, maps, guidebooks, mobile phone, a complete comprehensive insurance package and points you in the direction that YOU want to go in. SAFARI DRIVE UGANDA’s staff discuss fully your interests, your budget and your time constraints…….together we help you put together a most memorable safari, fully focused on what you want to do and the destinations you want to see. With the comfort of self-driving a reliable, well maintained, air-conditioned Toyota RAV4 or Toyota LANDCRUISER, with 24/7 road side assistance, you can relax and enjoy all the sights and sounds of the Pearl of Africa. We now cater to a much larger client base; so many people who previously could not afford such an adventure, have now an alternative that fits the tightest of budgets.

SAFARI DRIVE UGANDA ( Uganda car hire services) will enlighten you to all the possibilities available, and there are many. For instance, in terms of accommodation, your self-drive safari can be using lodges, guesthouses and campsites….any combination of what is available and with the on-board camping equipment, you can spontaneously decide to camp at any time. You will find in the vehicle a tent, cooking stove, gas cylinder, sleeping bags, map of Uganda, flashlight, Tourist Guide book and of course spare tire and jack.

SAFARI DRIVE UGANDA, in their efforts to provide all the options, can also arrange for one of our driver/guides to go behind the wheel and provide on board expertise and the added comfort of a personal mechanic, in the unlikely possibility of a breakdown. SAFARI DRIVE UGANDA has tried to think of everything, but if there is something you would like in terms of equipment and/or assistance, please do not hesitate to tell us….we have re-thought African Safaris and are constantly upgrading our services to accommodate all tastes and preferences.

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