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The major roads throughout Uganda are tarmacked and very comfortable to drive on.  These represent some of the best roads in East Africa.  Exceptions are the road from Fort Portal via Hoima to Masindi, the road from Masindi to Murchison Falls National Park and the northern roads from Gulu towards Kidepo National Park.  These roads are not tarmacked and as such will greatly increase the driving time as well as be more of a challenge to operate a vehicle on. Also, the roads around Bwindi National Park, the gorilla trekking areas are basically considered B-Roads and a challenge for most vehicles.  SAFARI DRIVE UGANDA highly recommend the LANDCRUISER for people travelling on these routes, especially in the rainy season.

  • Ugandan roads have many unmarked speed bumps, particularly at the entrance of towns and villages….drivers should be on the alert for these.
  • Speed limits in Uganda are 100 kms on the highways; we recommend limiting speeds to 80 kms.  In the urban areas, we suggest a maximum of 50 kms.
  • Always drive defensively
  • Because of the possibilities of hitting potholes, speed bumps, incurring oncoming high beams, we suggest Night Driving should be avoided when possible.
  • For emergencies, always carry some Cash, Water and a charged Mobile Phone.
  • Flat Tyres are not unusual, and with caution these incidents can be limited to just an inconvenience….tyre repairs are available in all small towns and villages throughout Uganda.
  • Driving in Uganda is on the left side; caution should be taken, especially when pulling onto a road, to ensure one is on the correct side of the road
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