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Some of the International countries that we have recently hosted are:  Finland, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Turkey, Canada and the United States of America.  Closer to home, we have arranged self-drive safaris for some of our neighbors from Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. 

Kampala is home to many Embassies and Trade Commissions and International NGO’s.  Over the years we have worked closely with these foreign agencies to help their citizens maximize their opportunities to access all that Uganda has to offer.  SAFARI DRIVE UGANDA has amassed volumes of information on the dozens of tourist destinations through constant visits and updating our knowledge base.  We are constantly working harder and harder to make every self-drive safari a unique experience.  Having so many self-drive clients return and recommend SAFARI DRIVE UGANDA to their friends and families, has made us proud of the every growing client base that we have been enjoying.

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