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Ngamba chimpanzees

 Ngamba Island is located 23 kilometers southeast of Entebbe in Lake Victoria.  Transportation from the mainland is arranged by the Trust.

In the Sanctuary humans are confined to one of the 40 hectares, while the chimpanzees wander freely throughout the rest.  The chimps emerge from the forest twice a day for feeding at 11 am and 2:30 pm.  Viewing of the chimps is done using a raised platform.  At night, the chimps return to their compound.  Observing the chimpanzees behavior, with their individual profiles and distinct personalities, which the guides will point out, can be a most fascinating encounter. 


  1. The half day trips are $110 US per person; departures are at 9 am and 12:45 pm.  This fee includes entry, guide and boat transport.  
  2. The overnight option, sleeping in a self-contained solar-powered safari tent  is available at $872 US for singles and $1264 US for doubles and is inclusive of all meals, transport and of course entry.

ngamba island

chimpanzee santuary     

  Ngamba Island 23 kilometers southeast

of Entebbe in Lake Victoria

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