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AMAJAMBERE CAMPamajambere iwacu community

This is a community run camp, located near the entrance to Mgahinga National Park, 12 kilometers southwest of Kisoro.  There are a variety of accommodation offered at AMAJAMBERE CAMP; there are bandas, dormitories and space for self-camping.  Accommodation is available on a Bed only basis, Bed and Breakfast, or Full Board.

There is no electricity and as such no hot running water, but for showers, hot water can be heated up.  The nights are cold and real campfires are the source of warmth at night.

All the profit from the AMAJAMBERE CAMP go to a women’s handicraft group in Mgahinga.



VOLCANOES MOUNT GAHINGA SAFARI LODGE is a luxury Safari Lodge at the foothills of the Virunga Volcanes in Mount Gahinga National Park.  Here the Lodge partners with the local Batwa Tribe, who provide interactive tours throughout the community.  The main building, with its terraced outside and spacious sunroom provides a wonderful space for relaxation. 

The accommodation is a number of luxurious bandas each with a fireplace, and en-suite bathroom.  The Lodge has a large bar/restaurant for their guests; both with panoramic views of the surrounding forests.  Wifi is available in the Lodge building.  Also, free complimentary massa

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