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KIBALE FOREST CAMP provides accommodation in safari tented rooms with en-suite bathrooms, complete with verandas.  Pitching kibale forest campyour own tent is also an option for the budget conscious traveler.  The bar and restaurant are equally as well appointed as the rooms and provide a most relaxing and enjoyable stay.

The Kibale Forest Camp is just outside the southern part of the Kibale Forest National Park, bordering on the Magombe swamp.  It is a 10 minute drive to Kanyanchu Visitor Center.


This is an upscale luxury eco-lodge with safari-tented accommodation, right in the heart of Kibale Forest National Park.  In addition to the tented accommodation, they offer forest cottages and Tree House rooms.  Kibale Forest Primate Lodge also offers the option ofkibale primate lodge pitching your own tent.

In addition to the Restaurant and Bar, there is a big lounge with comfortable furniture to relax and enjoy the surrounding Kibale Forest and its wildlife.  Cultural dancing is provided for guests  Free Wifi in the common areas.



A fine mid-range accommodation in the Kibale Forest National Park is the Kibale Guest Cottages.  They are located on the Fort cotAPortal-Kamwenge Road, which is adjacent to the Kibale Forest National Park.  The cottages are a few hundred meters from the main tourist centre of Kanyanchu.

The rooms are powered by solar, and all have hot showers and verandas.  They offer a complete bar and restaurant for their guests, and a lounge area for relaxation and viewing.

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